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Texas Massage School Review:
     Austin Schools of Massage

Austin Schools of Massage is one of the leading Texas massage schools, and is actually nationally renowned as a director of this massage industry. Austin Schools of Massage has graduated over eight thousand students and their graduates have gone on to great massage careers in Texas, over the United States, and even in other countries. This Texas massage school is approved by many leading organizations including the Texas Department of Health, the Veterans Administration, and the International Council for Health Science Education.

Locations are not just limited to Austin. There are also locations in El Paso, Corpus Christi, Bryan, Waco, San Antonio, San Angelo, Midland, Lubbock, and Killeen.

All About Austin Schools of Massage Programs

You will use a hands on approach to learning using real life situations to help you learn how to become a successful massage therapist after graduation. The interactive learning environment is highly rated be past graduates as being a fun and supportive learning environment.

Three Programs to Choose From

This school has three different levels of massage programs for you to choose from, including a foundations program, a clinical program and a comprehensive program.

Exclusive Clark Foundations Program: In this program you will learn all you need to start a successful massage career the day you graduate from your program. You will also be prepared to take the written and practical Texas Massage Exam. You will learn the art, business and science ends of a massage career that includes massage techniques, anatomy, physiology, hydrotherapy, health, hygiene, business practices, professional ethics, and practical applications. You will also complete 50 hours of internship before you graduate. This program will take 300 hours to complete.

Clark Advanced Clinical Program: This is a continuing education program for those who are already massage therapists. You can help to increase your knowledge with this program that will help you work in a variety of environments, such as hospitals, clinics and medical professions. You will learn about a variety of specific techniques: trigger point therapy applications, myofascial release technique, anatomy of injury rehabilitation, anatomy of posture and movement, pathology for massage therapists, practice management for clinical therapists, and practicum in clinical massage. This program will take 420 hours to complete.

The Clark Comprehensive Program: This is a new program at this Texas massage school. It is a combination of both of the above programs to provide a new and all-inclusive training program. It includes a two-part program for those who want to succeed even further in their massage careers. This expansive program will take 720 hours to complete.

Costs of Attending and Financial Aid

This school has its very own funding program and aid that will help you find the best way to pay for your college with financial aid, grants and student loans. The costs of attending any school will depend on your financial situation and your credit report status. The Austin Schools of Massage has helped many students start their education even with little money available. You can request information from their financing reps about helping you find the best financial aid for you and your life.

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