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Starting Salaries for Massage Therapy

How Much Money Do Massage Therapists Make?

Starting salaries for massage therapy vary by region but you can expect to make between $30,000 and $50,000 as a massage therapist. Of course if you are practicing in Beverly Hills or New York City you are going to earn more.

As you can see from the many comments below, starting salaries for massage therapy will also depend on if you are an employee, subcontractor, or have your own business. Each situation has a large affect on your income, expenses and taxes. So read and rate the comments below, and if you are a massage therapist, what was your starting salary like and how much do you earn now?

Tell us about Your Massage Salary

A lot of people just starting out worry about the amount of money you can earn as a Massage Therapist. Share your experience to help others determine if a massage career is a good choice for them.

Massage Salary Discussion

See what other massage therapists are saying about their salaries.

Uncertain and Scared 
Last year I quit my full-time job to stay home with my 2 kiddos. To help bring in money, I decided I was going to become an in-home child care provider. …

Don't be a cash cow for anyone!! 
I have been a massage therapist for 8 years and I have worked in many different atmospheres. First thing, if you are just out of school a chiropractic …

Overworked/underpaid (warning this is long) 
I work at a chiropractor's office full time for $10/hour and do receptionist work when I'm not doing massage. There are NO extras or benefits, except free …

Unlicenced and Performing Massage 
I'm a Certified Medical Assistant getting paid 14/h. I just started working for a multi-specialty clinic in a not so upscale neighborhood. The chiro there …

massage salary at a spa 
BE CAREFUL!! Greed is the theme for spas. I had to take the first job that came along after I was laid off of my last job. I went from making $40-50 and …

Wise Choice? 
I have been looking into the possibility of going to Massage Therapy school because this is something that I'm not only very interested in, but also love …

Massage at chiropractors, Mid-Michigan 
I currently work in a busy chiropractors office with 4 other therapists. I work 5days a week, average 5-6 hr massages a day, and make 55% of $50 a massage. …

Registered Massage Therapist Salary 
Massage therapy had been a great choice, it provides the freedom to work the hours I want...I have been practicing for fifteen years and starting wage …

Massage Salary in a Chiropractors Office 
I work 3 days a week at a chiropractor office and lately get payed per massage...Lately Dec 08 and Jan 09 some days 0 and some days 2 or 1 or 1/2 hr and …

My Massage Salary 
I just was licensed a few weeks ago and have been working for a day spa for almost 2 weeks now. i make 11 and hour no matter if i sit there or not. Then …

florida independent massage therapist salary 
Well it really depends on where you are at and your reputation and what kind of massage. Usually around $30-40 a massage or hour. In Florida you make …

spa massage salaries 
Generally a spa will pay you 20-50 percent commission on the service you provide. You should also receive tips in the range of $10-$20 per hour. Also, …

Is this a decent contract? please help 
I am a new RMT, and working a chiropractic office. My contract states that I will make: 0-$2000: 60-40 split In excess of 2000 and under 4000: 65-35 …

no average massage salary 
There is no such thing as an average salary really. It all depends on the place you work. On straight commission (usually no more than 20-40%) if you do …

Alberta Massage Salaries 
If i was to go to school and get a certificate in massage, what would the starting wage be for me living in Alberta, Canada?

start your own massage business 
The only way to make any serious money is to be in business yourself, but your ability to make money in this profession is more a factor of how savvy you …

massage rent 
For me, I don't pay massage therapists. They pay me rent. And then they collect 100% of their earnings. I charge $35/day x 5 days/wk. So if you do 1 massage …

Don't get taken advantage of!!!  Not rated yet
I have always been under the impression if you are doing clinical massage it is a 60-40 cut and spa, the other way round 40-60 cut. This being an average, …

Spa or solo? keeping the THERAPY in massage therapy Not rated yet
Spa owners generally aren't acquainted with the energetic output (physical, mental, spiritual) it takes to perform an above average massage and tend to …

Working as Employee for Chiropractor in Seattle, Washington Not rated yet
I understand that every market is very different, Seattle, I believe is slightly higher in pay than most places in the U.S. but that is just from what …

Massage Salary in Saskatchewan, CANADA Not rated yet
I started off in the spa industry, working as a P/T EMPLOYEE: Hourly wage: $12.00/hr + tips Hours/week: 20-25* Monthly …

massage therapist salary at spa in St. Louis Not rated yet
on a slideing scale of 40-60% commission, plus a "product charge" paid to spa for $3/ 1hr. session. Tips are in addition to the 40-60%. % scale is based …

Las Vegas Massage Salaries Not rated yet
I am going to attend massage school in Las Vegas this fall. After I get accredited what would be the beginning salary of massage therapist in Las Vegas, …

Massage Salary in Niagara Falls, ON. Chiro Clinic Not rated yet
We charge $70 per hour and $35 per half and RMT's make 60%. We provide and clean our own laundry with facilities at the clinic. Receptionist book, cash …

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canada massage salaries Not rated yet
In Canada massage therapists can expect to make about $40K per year

chiropractic massage salary Not rated yet
A good friend of mine worked for a chiropractor and she received $35 per client (this was several years ago) which included his staff washing sheets, making …

earn more money by getting massage clients Not rated yet
For the most part, massage therapists aren't salaried. They get a percentage of the fee the client is paying. On the low end it is usually 50/50. If …

earn more with special massage modalities Not rated yet
My lowest paying job (besides teaching massage!) pays me $30 an hour plus tips. My private business starts at $70 an hour (and I still often get tipped) …

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