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Starting a Massage Therapy Business

Welcome to Step 4 where we take you through the process of going out on your own and launching a successful independent massage business!

starting a massage therapy businessThere are many reasons for starting a massage therapy business. You may be an experienced massage therapist who is tired of making money for other people. Your reputation may be growing and your client list is keeping you in demand. Maybe you are new to massage and don't like the idea of working for somebody else.

All of these are good reasons for starting a massage therapy business. It's a big step and it can seem very frightening to give up a steady pay check for the uncertainty of running your own business. There is lots to learn. Everything from taxes to accounting. But rather than getting overwhelmed, this step tries to break down all you need to know into one simple guide.

Step 4 Index

We will be covering topics such as:

* How Do I know I am Ready?

* Writing a Business Plan

* Should you buy a Massage franchise?

* Marketing Plan

* Pricing Strategy

* Massage Legal Issues

* Tax Planning

* Massage Liability Insurance

* Massage Equipment

* Business Software

* Financing your start up Massage business

How Do I know if I am Ready?

The most powerful indicator that you are ready to start your own massage therapy business is... Your Client's Will Ask You To.

After working as a therapist for a while you will build up a steady group of repeat clients. These are the ones that you want to get to know and make sure they are always happy. Because they are going to be the clients that follow you to your new private practice.

So If your appointment book fills up quickly with clients that ask for you by name, you will know it is time.


massage businessYou might also reach the point in your life where you just can't work another day at your job. You need to work for yourself even if it means earning less money. If this sounds like you, you are a prime candidate for starting a massage therapy business.


How do you Know you are Ready to Start your Massage Business?

Have you started your own massage therapy business? Tell us how you knew you were ready and How you did it.

Are you considering starting your own massage practice? Share your plan with the massage community and get feedback.

Massage Therapy Business Discussions

See what other massage therapists are saying about starting their own massage therapy business. Read, rate and share tips!

I'm ready to start my own private practice in massage 
I just recently graduated from Baltimore School of Massage and I plan to get my license and certification within the next 2 months. I don't really want …

cannot find a full time job in the industry where I worked for 8 years any longer... ??? 
I started studying as massage therapist since 2007, and during this time I have been working as massage therapist part time.I have been thinking about …

Equipment and Inventory 
How much Inventory and Equipment is needed for a start up?

Steppin Out On Faith 
After years of freelancing by traveling to my client's homes, I have decided to step out on faith and rent a studio to grow my business. It is a scary …

You Can Do It Better! 
I had to start my own massage business when I kept complaining about my management. I felt they were making poor decisions and I could service my clients …

How to Open a Day Spa 
I am looking forward to open a day spa just don't know how to do it myself i want someone else by my side to guide me. Does anybody have any advice …

Want to quit corporate to do my business 
I am extremely passionate about massage, however I am not looking to do massage I am looking to hire qualified therapist to work as I obtain clientele …

Flood: Disaster or Great Luck 
I knew I was ready to open my own massage practice when I had more regulars than the owner of the shop I worked at. When I started we were closed on Sundays …

Getting the Necessary Skills  
When I finished my school, I already had the money to start my own business in a moderate set up. But I knew I wasn't ready. I needed to gain experience. …

Are you ever ready? 
I spent a lot of time trying to decide whether or not to start as a business, and the truth is that you never really know you are ready until you try! …

Did not want to work for anyone 
When I started school I knew I wouldn't want to work for a spa or salon for minimum wage. Sure it would be an easier way to build up a clientèle but …

How can I open my Tui Na massage place in DC?(License) Not rated yet
I want to open my Tui Na massage place in DC, what kind of license I need? I am not chinese, it's all owned by chinese people, do the chinese people who …

I have paid my commision dues! Not rated yet
I KNOW its time for me to start my business because I am so over making a percentage of what Im worth! Some say its better to work for a busy spa because …

Needed a change in my current job enivorment Not rated yet
My job was very stressful so I were always looking for ways to relieve stress and still continue to do the job I was employed to do. After receiving a …

Massage Business while on Maternity Leave Not rated yet
I have been certified since 2003 but i was also working as an entertainer and i did not have the time to build the proper clientele, work nights and take …

You Know You're Ready When ... Not rated yet
Here's a couple tips that I found useful when starting your own massage business, as I found myself in this position quite a few years ago. It all starts …

You Know You're Ready When..... Not rated yet
You've finished school, you're practicing with a few others at a local business or practice. You've learned a bit about scheduling and handling different …

You're Ready When Enough Good Customers Demand It Not rated yet
You're ready to start your own massage business when enough good customers demand it. Which customers? How many? Which customers? Those loyal customers …

Ready? Set? Go! Not rated yet
I knew that I was ready to expand my informal massage practice when I began making more money at it than at my part-time job. I had a regular list of …

Experience and Commitment Not rated yet
Honestly, you should not even consider starting your own massage business until you consider 2 factors. First, do you have the experience to be comfortable …

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