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Physical Therapy/ massage therapist

I am a massage therapist working for the last 12 years. I started out independant, then shared an office with two other people. Then I decided to work for a chiropractor and a physical therapy office.

As you can see I have dabbled in all areas. By far the most respect and learning experience was at Physical Therapy. You work hard but you learn so much about anatomy, exercise, and range of motion through massage.

Financially at a medical office the pay is going to be less because the office holds all the liability. Looking back on my career the best way to have a great career in massage therapy is to work part-time in a medical office and also have a private client base. Now you have the best of both.


Norma Orozco

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Physical Therapy/ massage therapist

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Great idea to work with Physical Therapy
by: Anonymous

Thank you for your comments Norma. I have been running my own business for 10 years now, but I have started getting an itch for more. So, I went back to school and have one more month to complete my Bacholars degree in Alternative Medicine. My clients have been benifiting from my knowledge that I have been gaining. I also do chair massage/sports at our local YMCA. I am doing a big change in my life, so this will be effecting my business. I am planning on being in Fl. for 3 mths during the winter and returning home for 9 mths to work on my remaining clients.My clients are saying they are supporting me, but I am open to what will be? I would like to work while I am in Fl., part time, and doing the Physical Therapy would be great. Thank you again,
Mary Preston

by: t sizzle

I didn't realize you could get a degree in altetnative medicine. Which school?

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