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Finding the Best Location:
    Retail or a Massage Therapy Home Business

Most of us that have a home based business will tell you that it is the best of both worlds, yet at the same time it would be easier if our office was else where. There are things that you need to consider prior to setting up a massage therapy office. Whether you are going to be successful at having your office based in your home, will depend a lot of your ability to separate home from work. See what our readers are saying about opening a Massage Home Business.

Starting a Massage Therapy Home Business

massage therapy home businessA massage therapy home business will save you money and it offers tax breaks. You will be able to write off expenses that you incur with the cost of running your business and the use of the room in your home that will be used solely for business. You get the added advantage of being able to roll out of bed and into your office without ever leaving home. You save time and money and wear and tear on your car.

To make sure that your home office is ideal you need to have a separate entrance for your clients, as well as separate bathrooms that should be located next to the massage room. It is in your best interest to have a separate line dedicated to your business and that you have set operating hours.

Lifestyle Adjustments

Home based offices can require somewhat of a transformation of your lifestyle. For example from the day you decide to operate out of your home to the day you decide to no longer do that, your home and yard must be kept clean and tidy so that you can accommodate your clients. Especially when operating a massage business. Your clients are coming to you for relaxation, time to de-stress. A dirty house with over grown grass is not a welcoming or comfortable sight. If you have pets, you may want to consider what this means to your clients that have allergies.

Unexpected guests trying to get a work in appointment with you at all hours and yes, everyone that you will do business with will know where you live. There is no “escape” for you. Your neighbors may become less neighborly when their street is inundated with more traffic. Oh yes, your family… your business is now crowding in on your family and very precious family time.

setting up a massage officeRemember to take into consideration all of the following so that you can head of a headache. This includes zoning laws, fire and health regulations, the effect that it will have on your family and your ability to advertise. You need to know if you are required to have handicap access, what traffic or vehicle restrictions apply and your home owner’s insurance may increase.

Setting Up a Massage Office

Where you are saving money with the home based office, you will be spending money to have a retail site. You will need to be budget focused, be realistic and know what it is that you require for your space.

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Your success is all about location, location, location. That can not be stressed enough. You are going to want a higher traffic area, where people driving by can see your sign and catch your number so that they can make an appointment or at least inquire about the services that you offer.

The second essential component to your success is curb appeal. You are operating a massage business. What you are offering is a way for your clients to feel better. So a site that is pleasing to the eye will help encourage patronage. It will get them in the door anyway and the rest is up to your hands.

When you are looking at different sites, you need to know what you need for your business. Do you want a reception area with waiting room? What about changing rooms, do you want an area for a washer and dryer. You need to sit down and honestly think about every aspect of what your office needs.

Do you have a Massage Home Based Business?

Launching your own business can be scary, but starting that business in your home can pose different problems. Share your experience launching your massage home business.

Massage Therapy Home Business Tips

See how other massage therapists have started their home-based massage business. You can read each tip, rate them and submit your own comments.

Not sure where to start 
I'd like to start my own business from home but not work in my home space, but I'm not sure what steps to take . I am licensed and have my own insurance. …

It Helps to be a 'homebody' with a Home-Based Massage Business 
I have been doing massage out of my home for about 10 years. I tried working out of two different salons, but found that I did not have total control …

Create a Space That Doesn't Look or Feel Like Part of Your Home 
I've found that when clients come over, it was important for me to really, really make sure that even though we did invest in a separate entrance with …

My Home-Based Massage Business 
I was employed at a day spa when I opened up my home based business. When I had enough experience, and realized that I didn't want to continue to split …

Dont do it with Children! 
I had a home massage business for a few years which was fantastic, I was home but working at the same time, I could complete chores in between clients, …

Working From Home (massage) Not rated yet
It can be very rewarding. I have a 15yr old son and my husband works during the day. Therfore no one is there except my client and I. It is very important …

Home or Away? Not rated yet
There are huge bonuses in working from home, you are your own boss, you plan treatments to fit in with your family commitments and if something crops up …

Home Massage Business Advantages Not rated yet
Although I do have an office practice, I also have a home practice. I find that in the home setting the clients are more relaxed and can even be invited …

Aroma & Herbal Massage Therapy Not rated yet
Hi, I am a trained massage therapist and have been running a home-based aroma massage and herbal-based massage facility for the past two years. I must …

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