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Massage Therapy Advertising

Although you can get a lot of new clients through referrals and recommendation, you may need to reach out to people you don't meet through printed advertising. Check out how our readers use advertising to attract new clients.

massage therapy marketing your business

“Coming up with a good massage therapy advertising strategy takes more than just putting an ad in the newspaper.”
(about me)

The advantages of print advertising is that you can reach a vast audience of potential clients. The disadvantage is that you also reach people you don't want as clients. When you advertise, you likely will get at least an occasional client that is requesting sexually oriented services from you. Every legitimate massage therapists finds this to be incredibly draining, degrading and infuriating. However, it is unavoidable and you should be prepared to send these people away (it is also a good idea to have a separate work telephone number with caller id and caller blocking).

Flyer and Business Cards

It's is most effective to use flyers and business cards after you have made initial person-to-person contact. This helps give a more detailed explanation of what your work is and can help serve as a reminder about you and the services you offer. Unfortunately, most therapists who leave flyers for the general public or who post business cards in places like supermarkets and health food stores find that their return is poor.

You may find that your business cards are generally falling into the hands of other therapists who see your card when they post theirs; they may even remove yours. Try offering a charity tie-in or discount massages to new clients. You won't make much money directly from these massages, but you might generated repeat full-paying customers. And if you are just starting out you will get a lot of practical experience in a very short period of time.

What about Direct Mail?

Direct mail is comprised of things such as coupons and other ads we all see in the mail, which are often promotions for local business. Some massage therapists have used these quite effectively to attract business. These types of mailings generally go in batches of 10,000 at a time. It usually costs you a few hundred dollars to include your ad or coupon in the mailing. Although this may seem like a lot of money, remember that one weekly client will generate significantly more revenue in just a few months.

massage therapy advertisingThis massage therapy advertising technique is especially useful when you open a new office in a community that is not yet familiar with you. You can also use it at holidays to advertise gift certificates and promotions.

If you're interested in getting in contact with direct-mail companies, you can look in the mailings for their phone numbers and addresses. You can also find business-to-business Yellow Pages either online or in the phone book; look to see if there is a direct mailing company for your area. The direct mail company can help you design your campaign.

Don't Forget the Yellow Pages

Most massage therapists who have Yellow Pages advertisement listings have said that the listing was well worth the money, based upon the business it gave them. However, they also agreed that the calls they got because of the listing were often poor and were in fact people looking for massage parlor or sexual services. Because of this, a significant amount of time and energy will be used in simply fending off these types of calls.

You should note that the name you choose for your Yellow Pages listing does not have to be the same as the one that's on your business cards or bank account. Use a name that starts with the letter 'A'. Since phone books are sorted alphabetically by category, your listing will appear near the top.

Yellow Pages ads don't come cheap. A simple basic listing with just name and telephone number costs you around $25 per month, while a block ad with some basic information is around $60 for a month. Larger ads cost much more. Depending on your budget, you can choose which you prefer. However, large black ads are generally more economical for a group practice than for an individual.

massage advertisingIf you want to get into the Yellow Pages, you need to do some planning first. In many areas, the deadline for new orders occurs in the first few months of the year, while new books are distributed in July. So be sure to not miss the deadline and have other massage therapy advertising plans in place while you wait for the new books to be printed.

Newspaper Advertising

You might want to try placing an advertisement in your local newspaper and seeing how it serves you. Although many successful massage therapists have never advertised in newspapers and don't plan to, others find it very effective way to both build and maintain their practices. Here are some tips to help make your newspaper advertising most effective, should you choose to do it.

Classified Ads and Display Ads

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There are two types of massage therapy ads available in newspapers. They are display ads or business classified ads. Display ads, also known as block ads, appear in the body of the newspaper, along with the news and features articles. Therefore, they are seen by more readers than business classified ads are. Display ads are also larger and are much more expensive than business classified ads are. They make sense in small circulation newspapers, when you're trying to break into a new market. In larger newspapers, though, massage therapy ads usually run in the business classified ads section.

Business classified ads run in a separate section of the classifieds that is specifically catering to business services like carpentry, plumbing and trade services. These ads are a lot cheaper than display ads, but they still cost a lot more than a normal classified ad does. When you place a business classified ad, the response is generally much more immediate. If your ad response is going to be adequate, you should know within the first few days of placing it. When you first place your ad, specify a short run it first. That way, if response does not meet your expectations, you can try a different newspaper without spending a lot of money needlessly.

Types of Newspapers

As you begin your advertising campaign, you'll have many types of newspapers to choose from. Each type can benefit you a different way, depending on your marketing goals. The types of marketing newspapers include: general circulation daily, special interest newspapers (which usually run weekly or monthly), and local or regional papers that usually run weekly.

Look for special interest newspapers for groups in your area. They can be good sources of potential new clientele. They include but are not limited to New age or holistically oriented newspapers, Religious-based or community-oriented newspapers, corporate newsletters, and institutions like retirement communities, hospitals and nursing homes.

How do you Advertise your Massage Business?

When we are just starting out there isn't much in the budget for advertising. So how do you maximize your advertising? Share your best tips below.

Massage Advertising Tips

See what other massage therapists are doing to attract new clients. You can read each tip, rate them and submit your own comments.

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