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Massage Therapist Certification Courses

Finding the right massage school is the most important factor in determining your Massage Career Success!

Step 2 is all about getting your massage certification. In order to do that you need to make an informed decision about your massage school.

Step 2 Index

You have some important decisions to make including:

1) Should I Select a National Certification?

2) Do I get a Diploma or a full Degree?

3) How to Choose a Good School?

4) What is so important about Massage Accreditation?

5) What are the Licensing Requirements?

An Overview of Massage Therapist Certification Courses

Since a massage therapist is involved in working on the body of others, it is essential that the massage therapist is thoroughly knowledgeable about the functioning of the human physiological system. The essential knowledge of the human body and the healing power of touch is most often learned by attending one of the many accredited massage therapist certification courses available today.

An accredited massage school does not just teach how to be a skilled massage therapist, it also teaches how to make a moneymaking business out of massage therapy. A quality massage therapist certification course ensures that a student gets the right knowledge from skilled and experienced teachers – plus, gets the chance to put his theory into practice by getting to work with people who need massage therapy for rehabilitation and rejuvenation.

Accreditation Means Recognition...and Hopefully Quality

Massage therapist certification courses conducted by accredited professional institutions make it mandatory for a student to undergo a certain required number of training hours not only in classrooms but also in clinics under the supervision of an experienced faculty. The professional institute that provides the accreditation also scrutinizes the syllabus and lays down the minimum competency requirements that must be included in the curriculum.

massage therapy coursesIn addition to checking for accreditation, the student must also verify if the massage school has been recognized by the state. Non-recognition implies that the massage school's curriculum does not match with the government's massage therapy standards. Attending a massage school that is not recognized or accredited may mean that you won't be able to practice massage when you complete your program. This can be a heartbreaking turn of events for the young massage therapist.

Massage therapist certification courses: Degree or diploma?

Another big decision you need to make is whether you pursue a short diploma or massage certification program or pursue a full Associates degree in massage therapy. A student who wants to become a massage therapist strictly for medical practice must choose a specialized, intensive course. These students should pursue a massage therapist's degree.

However, if massage therapy for general relaxation purposes is your primary goal, the in-depth knowledge of the human body may not be that necessary, and a diploma or certificate may be sufficient. However, a diploma course imparts superficial knowledge and many industry experts suggest that ongoing education is required. For this reason, it is a good idea if your diploma can be converted into a full degree by adding additional study.

Choosing the Right Massage Therapist Certification School

In this step of our guide, we tackle the critical decision of choosing a good massage school. It is important for a student to take the massage therapist certification course that is right for him.

For example, a budding sports massage therapist must make enquiries and settle for a course that will enable him to build a career as a sports massage therapist – he should not choose a course that focuses on other massage techniques and then discover at the end of the course that he hasn't learnt anything of value. It's important to make sure that you attend a massage school that is well accredited and will prepare you adequately for your new career.

Can I Afford it?

When you choose a massage program, one big consideration is whether or not you can afford it. Going back to school is always expensive, and massage therapy programs are no exception. However, the tuition and requirements of different schools will vary considerably, as will the time it takes to get through the program.

massage certification courseFast-paced private programs are generally more expensive than community colleges or other public programs. Private schools often don't post their tuition costs which means that you will have to contact them directly to find out how much your education will cost.

Comparatively, community college programs are usually much slower, but also cost less and have all fees and tuition available to the general public. These programs are usually about 600 to 800 hours in length, and you can choose to complete them with either part-time or full-time study.

Other financial concerns about a massage therapy program include living expenses, possible lost wages due to class attendance, and the cost of additional supplies such as your own massage table. Once you graduate, you may have to lay out additional funds to get into a massage job or start your own practice. None of these costs is insurmountable, but you should take all monetary concerns into account when choosing from the massage therapist certification courses.

So Are You Ready to Start your Research?

massage therapist certification coursesYes, that's right. Research. This is the most important decision of your new massage career and you need to get it right. So Step 2 of our guide will help you make the right decision for you.

Remember that a massage therapist certification course from an accredited school is a must these days. Market trends show that clients prefer massage therapists who have graduated from an accredited school. And with the growing regulation and government licensing in the industry it will be worthwhile to get your massage therapist certification course from an accredited school to stay "hands-on" in the massage therapy business.


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