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Massage Interview Questions

You can ace your massage job interview with a little preparation and a healthy dose of self-confidence!

An interview for a massage job is, in many ways, like an interview for any other job. You go prepared, be punctual, be professional in manner and appearance and give an air of confidence. But with a massage job interview, you might be asked to demonstrate your skills by giving a sample massage in addition to answering specific massage interview questions. Check out how other massage therapists have handled the massage job interview.

Preparing for a Massage Job Interview

Preparing for a massage job interview, or any job interview for that matter, actually begins well in advance, even before you apply for the position. Practice your massage skills whenever possible, so you are always ready to confidently give a demonstration when asked to do so. Also have a list of questions to study that might be asked during an interview. This list can be added to after each interview when question come up that are asked that weren't already on your list.

massage interview questionsMake sure that your resume is up-to-date and pertinent to the position. It helps to have your resume printed so that it stands out from all the others. Your cover letter should be written specifically for this position with this company. A one-size-fits-all cover letter is not likely to help you get a massage job interview.

Though some companies will accept faxed resumes and cover letters, it is always best to deliver them in person whenever possible. This serves two purposes: it shows you are serious about the position and it fives you a chance to get a feel for the place and see how employees are dressed. When you deliver your resume and cover letter, dress as though you were going in for a business interview. This will help you to stand out from other applicants.

Follow up with a call in a couple of days. Again, this will show you are serious about the position and you may even be able to schedule your interview at that time. When your massage job interview is scheduled, you are ready to begin more serious, specific preparation for it.

To prepare more specifically for your interview, you will want to have clothing ready that is similar to that worn on the job in the location you are interviewing in. you will also want to have all your documents ready, including both personal and professional references. It helps to have them neatly in a folder alone with another copy of your resume. Go over your massage interview questions several times, so you will be ready to answer confidently. Don't rehearse specific answers, though, or you might sound rather stilted and rehearsed. They should sound like you know what you are talking about.

The day before the interview, call and confirm the time and location of the interview and thank the person you talk to for the opportunity to be interviewed.

First Impressions

massage interviewArrive for your interview a few minutes early. Not too early, but don't be late or you could lose the position on that count. Announce yourself to the receptionist and follow instructions about whether to have a seat to wait or be taken to the interview room. Be sure to give a genuine smile and be courteous to everyone you encounter during the entire interview process.

When the interviewer enters the room, stand up, greet him or her and introduce yourself with a smile and a firm handshake. Don't immediately sit back down, wait until you are instructed to do so or the interviewer sits.

Handling the Massage Interview Questions

During the massage interview questions, don't fidget or stammer. Speak smoothly and confidently. If you don't know the answer to a question, it is best to say you don't know rather than trying to bluff your way through. If you try to bluff, it will very likely show in your manner.

Massage interview questions are very likely to cover such things as your knowledge of specific techniques, pathology and kinesiology. These are all areas you should be prepared to answer with confidence. There may be questions, too, that won't seem like massage interview questions at all but they may be just as important, so give thoughtful, serious answers.

The Dreaded Job Interview Massage

Following the massage interview questions, you may be asked to give a demonstration of your abilities as a massage therapist. It would be wise to be ready to give a complete, full body massage, though that might not be requested of you. You might be asked to demonstrate a specific technique for just a few minutes.

massage job interviewOnce you start your demonstration, let the interview determine when it has been a sufficiently long enough sample. To show you do know your job, begin the demonstration by preparing for the massage as though you were about to massage a client. Prepare the massage table with the proper towels and drapes and wash your hands thoroughly.

For the massage itself, you want to use firm pressure. Not too hard but not so light it seems timid. Speak very little after the first few minutes when you are making sure the 'client' is comfortable. Concentrate on your technique. Don't stop until instructed to do so or until it has been about an hour. It is unlikely you will need to continue to massage for a full hour, but be prepared just in case.

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Once you have finished your demonstration, clear away the towels and drapes properly and wash your hands again. Thank the interviewer for the opportunity to be interviewed, shake his or her hand firmly and leave the room with an air of confidence as though you already got the job. Leave your documents on the interviewer's desk as you leave.

Remember, the key to answering the massage interview questions is to have the knowledge needed for the work and be confident in your answers. Be prepared to demonstrate your skills. Be professional and courteous in your manner at all times and don't forget to smile. By following these guidelines you will ace your massage job interview.

How do you Handle Massage Job Interviews?

Tell us about your massage job interviews. What were they like? Did you perform a sample massage? What did you do to get the job?

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