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Helping my Daughter with Massage

by Robin Sanford
(Grand Coulee)

I am not yet a massage therapist, I have been toying with the idea for years. I own and operate a restaurant, it supports us, but is not providing me with the happiness that I want in my life. I had decided that I was going to give it up, and go to massage therapy school.

Not too long later, my 18 year old daughter told me she was pregnant. The father was sticking around, but she was so violently ill that she moved back in with me. She called me up one night at work saying that she couldn't even hold down water, I suspected that she was having twins (her dad was a twin, I have several twins in my family, and so does he) she passed out while we were talking, I rushed home and took her to the ER they gave her a shot for the nausea, and pumped her up with fluids that she needed badly. She was so dehydrated, we were there for several hours. They measured her tummy, she was only 3 months along, and they said that she was too big for that (she is a tiny girl) They ordered an ultrasound the next day, as soon as they started they told us it was two babies.

She freaked out, she said Mom, I can't do this, but I can't kill them either. So I decided that I had to keep my business so that I could help her when they came. Unfortunately, the little boys water broke when she was 5 1/2 months. She was able to hold off labor for 4 days.

A nurse came in from the city, and she showed me how to massage my baby while she was flat on her back for all of those days, she was in so much pain from being in that position, yet she troopered on, unfortunately, she went into labor, they tried to stop it, because if they could have stopped it for 2 -3 more days, the babes might have lived.

I realized then how important massage can be, I wish like crazy that I had known more about how to do massage therapy. I have enrolled in school, and hope that I can do some good for people that NEED this. This is my main reason for wanting to become a therapist. If I can help just one person, then I have done a good job.

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Helping my Daughter with Massage

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Heartbreaking Story
by: Lauren - Admin

Robin, Thank you for sharing your story. Its such a tragedy. But you are right that massage can make a huge difference to people who are suffering from illness or other physical pain. There are so many people that need massage and the rewards of helping these people are incredible.

All massage therapists should spend a few hours giving free shoulder, hand, foot massages at retirement homes. It is incredible what an impact you can make on people who don't get regular touch.

Don't give up on becoming a massage therapist. It sounds like you have found your calling. Thanks for sharing, and sorry about your loss.


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