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Example Resumes for Massage Therapy

I dreaded writing my first massage resume. It is easy to stare at a blank page for hours. But sometimes finding the best way to sell yourself is easier when you see how somebody else does it. That's why we have added example resumes for massage therapy. And now you can check out the great massage resume tips submitted by our readers.

Resume Versions

Depending on your career objective, you may have different versions of your resume. Remember to tailor your resume each time for each job.

For example, you would want to send a different resume to an exclusive resort spa than what you might use for a health club job or a corporate job.


Adding Bulk to your Resume

example resumes for massage therapyIf you are just starting out in your massage career you likely don't have a lot of experience. You need to be a bit creative to avoid having the shortest resume of all time. Nobody is going to be impressed that all you have done is attended massage school and worked at Starbucks. You need to gather massage related experience.

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So How do you get it? Sometimes all you need to do to fill out your resume a bit is to do some volunteer work. A great way to do this is to give free massage work at local sporting events like 10K runs, marathons, swim meets, etc. And if the event is charity related it looks even better on your resume. So contact the event organizers in advance and get their permission. They can then publicize your services properly before the event. And at the end of the day you have added an inch to your resume. This is also a great way to build exposure for your private practice.

So here it is....


Example Resumes for Massage Therapy



Molly Massagemore
654 Hill Street
San Diego, CA 92011
Home: (760) 555-9876
Cell: (818) 555-5643



To get a position as a Massage Therapist at a Day Spa and develop my skills in providing massage and complimentary therapies.



Unicef Foundation
11/06 La Jolla, CA (555) 555-5555
Lead Massage Therapist

Provided warm up and cool down massage for athletes competing in the San Diego Triathlon. Assessed the needs of each athlete individually and selected the appropriate treatment. Was invited to be the Official Massage Coordinator for future Unicef events.

7/04 – present – Carlsbad, CA (555) 555-5555          Customer Service Team Member
Served customers quickly while maintaining a cheerful attitude in a high-stress workplace.  Store won best customer service award for May 2005.  Employee of the month October 2006 and December 2005.


Certifications and Training:          

This section is available by downloading the free template below.



This section is available by downloading the free template below.



Special Skills:           

This section is available by downloading the free template below.

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What is your Best Massage Resume Tip?

How do you sell yourself on your massage resume? Share what works with others by submitting a comment below.

Massage Resume Advice

See what other massage therapists are saying about their resumes. You can read each tip, rate them and submit your own comments.

Volunteer work 
Volunteer massage work shows compassion & community mindedness. Do volunteer work in an elderly home or in my case I did 2 days a week volunteer massage …

Avoid Cookie Cutter Objectives 
As a hiring manager, I would receive the normal cookie cutter resumes with the garbage objectives and I would immediately "circular file" them! Your objective …

Be Simple, Be Professional 
While we all have our own unique personalities that develop and grow and help us to match up with just the right practice, spa, or wellness center, it …

Resume that got me my Massage job 
When I wrote my resume for a massage therapist job, I researched the internet to see examples of good resumes. I started my resume by mentioning who I …

show your personality to get the job 
Of course, it is important to highlight your certification(s) and your education along with any experience, but if you are trying to get your first job …

Finding Massage Volunteer Opportunities 
Ive been reading all your comments and I agree with all of your comments. I am still in the massage therapy program. I graduate soon and need to build …

resume elements that can provide the edge you need 
There are several resume elements that can provide an edge in the area of massage. These include: 1. Provide an added level of depth to your objective. …

Consultancy Position  Not rated yet
As an accredited and certified Kerala Aurvedic massage therapist I always include the testimonials of people who underwent massage therapy at my centre …

an interesting looking resume Not rated yet
I did not use the old boring chronological style of resume. I tried to keep my resume short, concise and interesting. The top of my resume had a small …

focus on massage education Not rated yet
If it's your first job, concentrate on your education. Be sure to specify what sort of certification you received, and what was involved in it. Also, …

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