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Dress Professional???? What does that mean exactly?

by MelissaA

I have an interview in two days and have no idea what to wear. I was going to wear khakis and sneakers but after reading the below I guess that's not correct? Please, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Comments for Dress Professional???? What does that mean exactly?

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Please dress professionally.. No scrubs.. you need to let people knpw you are serious about what you are doing.

Best Regards,
Kasha Clarke
The Massage Group

Looking Professional
by: Anonymous

Khakis, clean sneakers, and a nice shirt is a professional look. I wouldn't reccommend wearing beat up sneakers, sweat pants (or scrubs like the other comment says), or a t-shirt. Good luck!

by: Anonymous

I took your advice and am glad I did! I almost wore scrubs as i thought they may look more professional but didn't and got the job. Thanks for your help!

Interview Attire
by: Anonymous

I would skip the tennis shoes. I own a small spa business and I am always amazed at how unprofessional looking the massage therapists are that I interview.

Well-groomed, no sneakers, no t-shirts, no chewing gum, no heavy perfume, skip the large jewelry,comb your hair, and look ready for the job.

A first impression really counts and if you can't even dress nice for an interview, how will you look for work?

Type of shoes?
by: Anonymous

OK, I understand no sneakers but then what kind of shoes would you wear? Obviously, you wouldn't wear heels to do a practical interview so what is appropriate here?

where what you usually would wear for a real professional massage NEW
by: Anonymous

Where whatever comfortable shoes that allow you to have good posture for the practical. If the hiring interviewer don't hire due to your shoes then they have no business running the massage business as good shoes help stability and proper posture to give best massage you can. If they don't understand that good shoes is about taking care of your body, then they have low standards or more about image,and selling products than massage skill standards. Your foot is your foundation grounding. Just make sure the shoe looks clean, nice and black that can be accepted professionally

Dress shoes may look more nicer but it can compromise your massage. If you want best of both. Wear the dress shoe when meeting the person and then change shoes when your doing the practical.

We stand all day and if owner won't let you wear comfy shoes then they don't understand massage.

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