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Cruise Line Massage Therapy Jobs

Getting a massage therapy job on a cruise line can be a lot of fun, but it is also a lot of hard work. You need specific credentials and experience. Our readers share their inside experiences working cruise line massage therapy jobs.

cruise line massage therapy jobsCruise ships are a study in luxury and guests expect the very best. This holds true in the salon as well. Passengers will often indulge in luxury spa treatments on a cruise ship that they might not spend the money for at home. Because of this, a massage therapist on a cruise line will find themselves to be very busy.

Cruise Working Conditions

Cruise line massage therapy jobs often demand long hours. This is particularly true on nights with a formal dinner. When people are getting all dressed up, they tend to like to be pampered as well. This often translates into a relaxing massage. Cruise line massage therapists are generally expected to work twelve hour days. Sometimes there are back to back appointments with very little down time. Usually, you will get one and a half days off.

When not on duty, most cruise lines allow you full deck privileges just like the passengers. If you are off duty when in port you are welcome to go ashore. Usually, massage therapists are considered a crew member and are expected to report to the captain.

Getting a Massage Cruise Job

In order to land a massage therapy job on a cruise line, you must have a lot of experience. Cruise lines want to offer their clients the very best. Most cruise lines require that you be qualified in Swedish massage, and any others that you might be skilled in such as Shiatsu, reflexology, and aromatherapy are a definite bonus. You must also have good English skills, but if you know another language that could also work in your favor.

cruise line massage jobsThe average cruise line massage therapy job pays between $2200 and $2900 per month. This number fluctuates depending on the cruise line and the amount of gratuities you earn.

But remember that your room and board is included while you are onboard which helps compensate for lower wages and longer hours.

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The Bottom Line

Although working conditions can be difficult, a cruise line massage therapy job can be very rewarding. You get to work with different people all day, and since they are on vacation they are usually happy and cheerful. You get to travel to places you may not otherwise be able to go to. When you are not on duty, you get to use the amenities of the cruise ship just like the passengers. As you can see, even though it is hard work a massage therapy job on a cruise line can be a great adventure.

Have you ever Worked on a Cruise Ship?

Tell us about your experience working as a massage therapist on a cruise ship. Would you recommend it to others?

Cruise Massage Jobs Discussions

See what other massage therapists are saying about working on cruise ships.

Pay for a Cruise line massage job 
I am interested in the application process for a cruise line job. My question is is there a link I can go to, and if so would I have to pay to apply. One …

Slave like conditions! 
I wouldn't recommend to anyone to work on a cruise!!! I can't believe they're treating workers this way. I can't believe some people say they had a great …

Look Who They Hire 
I just finished massage school with a world wide company called Steiner Education group... I don't want to say which school, or campus... but they recently …

Child care benefits? 
I am interested in working on a cruise ship but I have children. Is there any Child Care Benefits if you are working as a massage therapist on a cruise …

Slave labour 
Dont do it! You are judged only on your ability to sell products! I was made to do 8 massages a day....and all of us were bullied by managers to sell …

Cruise Job Application Process? 
I was wondering if anyone could give me advice on how one goes about applying to cruise ships? I've always found it slightly intimidating but after 3.5 …

Work in Paradise 
Wouldn't have changed anything, except maybe that the cruise would have gone on longer. Beautiful people, beautiful weather, and a great staff made for …

I lasted three weeks! 
I worked on a cruise ship for three weeks, it should have been a six week experience set up by my tutor during my degree however I only lasted three! My …

Cruise Jobs - Just Do It! 
Yes! I recommend this to everyone who can take off and just go! Clients are great, atmosphere is great, food is very good, excursions when you're in port, …

Interesting Massage Job 
I was a massage therapist for 2 and a half years on a large cruise line. Most of the time it was great i got to go on a vacation at the same time as working. …

Carnival Cruise Massage Job 
I worked as a massage therapists with Carnival Cruises. It allowed me to go and travel to places I never dreamed I would would ever set foot on. It's a …

I worked on cruise ships for 6 yrs in the Spa. You do not get to mingle with the Passangers on RCCL. At all! There are Bars you are not allowed at all! …

Interesting Experience 
I wouldn't recommend this to everyone, but it was an amazing experience. I worked on a cruise line for about 6 months. The clientele were fascinating (and …

High Fee Charge 
I recently worked on a cruise ship as a massage therapist. The ship I was on was fairly popular, and contained numerous amounts of elderly citizens who …

I went on a cruise ship as a passenger 
I went on a carnival cruise as a customer, got a massage, ask the therapist a few questions about massage cruise job. She said it was confidental. There …

Student massage therapist on Cruise Ship 
I am in my second year of massage therapy school and will be graduating in May. I am 24 years old with no wife/kids/house/mortgage...etc and I am wanting …

Working As A Massage Therapist On A Cruise Line Would Suck!! 
They expect you to work 12 hours a day and probably 5 days a week or more. If you add that up to a whole months salary compared to working for yourself …

Carpal Tunnel 
Working on the cruise ship was fun for me. I'm a massage therapist in carnival cruise for 3 yrs, but look what had happened to me I have Carpel Tunnel.. …

Success depends on your ability to sell Not rated yet
One of the best rewards of working on ship was being able to massage literally hundreds of people over the course of a nine month contract, plus all the …

Don't Do It! Not rated yet
I've never worked on a cruise ship, but there's no way it would be worth it. You can easily make that kind of money in 2 weeks if you had 3-4 clients …

national certification for cruise ship work for a bodyworker with 30 years experience Not rated yet
I trained as a Hellerwork practitioner (similar to Rolfing) in 1979 and was certified by state-approved school in 1980. I also completed a top notch massage …

wish to work on a Cruise Ship Not rated yet
I just got my Massage Therapy licence. I would like to work on a cruise ship to get my foot in the door to get some experiance. I have been wanting to …

what are the requirements to work on a cruise ship? Not rated yet
would like to work for a cruise ship. Which ones treat you like humans and pay well? What are the requirements?

Cruise Ship Job Requirements Not rated yet
I am a massage therapy student who is hungry for success. I will graduate soon and I strongly desire to work in a cruise ship. It is my dream and I am …

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Not The Right Place for Me Not rated yet
At first I thought the sea sickness would only last a few days, when it was a full week and I still wasn't feeling well, I knew this ship wasn't for me. …

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