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Canada Massage Schools Review: CDI College

CDI College is one of the top Canada massage schools. CDI college’s massage therapy programs will help you get ready to work in a wide variety of environments such as your own massage therapy private clinic, wellness centers, medical settings, rehabilitation massage therapist, sports medicine, hospitals, assistant to a chiropractic, massage therapist in a health spa, homeopathic, naturopathic, hotel massage therapist, fitness institutes (such as fitness gyms), sports organization massage therapist, sports trainer massage therapist, theater, dance groups, and even on cruise ships.

All About CDI College’s Programs

canada massage schoolsCDI offers two different massage therapy training programs:

Massage Therapy Program: This program will help you with the basics of a career in massage therapy and will help you get ready to take your exam at the Registration Examinations of the College of Massage Therapists in Ontario. You should be able to complete this exam with the knowledge you obtain from your CDI College’s massage therapy program. You will learn how to build your confidence in this career program with hands on learning, massage techniques, massage therapy behaviors, and the skills necessary.

Advanced Massage Therapy Program: This program at the CDI College in Canada has been specifically designed to help ready you for the Registrations Examinations of the Massage Therapy Association. You will learn everything you need to know (basic learning, studying, skills, behaviors, techniques, etc.) to have a successful career in massage therapy following your graduation.

Techniques Covered at CDI College

You will learn a large variety of massage therapy techniques at CDI college such as business and ethics, Swedish massage, western theory and history, practice and mechanisms of health and disease, prenatal, postnatal and infant massage, elder and geriatric massage, eastern theories and practices, energy and non-traditional therapies, wellness, CPR, deep tissue, myofascial release, pin and stretch, neuromuscular, trigger point and muscle energy techniques, clinical and sports massage, health and wellness, massage therapy career opportunities, and more. This is a very comprehensive training program.

Employment in the massage therapist industry is anticipated to grow increasingly over the next years in Canada. You will have the realistic experience to attain employment as a massage therapist in numerous health care settings.

How Long You Will Need to Attend to Graduate

You will need to successfully complete all program requirements which is normally done in as little as twenty months.

Costs of Attending CDI College and Financial Aid

CDI College is a Canada has a great financial aid program available to you. You will need to request information and speak to someone in the financial aid program to see what kinds of help you can get in paying for your college education such as with grants and loans.

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